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About Us Ventoni Cosmetics Ltd

Ventoni Cosmetics is created in 1995 in the town of Rudozem.

From the very beginning the company aims to work in the field of creating, producing and saling of its own cosmetic products.

The product list includes the following categories: care for face and body, hair care, male series, mouth care and products of naturl Indian henna. The company has its own manufacturing base.

The company with a clear purpose seeks to expand its market share in both the domestic and international markets, offering to its customers high-quality products with their own style and vision.

The products manufactured by the registered mark “Afrodita”, “Bionda Professional”, “Nefertiti” and the male series ARGO NEO ” are designed according to modern technologies and materials from the leading suppliers in the industry.

Today the products of Ventoni Cosmetics are realised with a big success in Bulgaria and in more than ten countries worldwide.

Body care
Face care
Hair care
Men's series
Home care

Our Mission

Ventoni cosmetics products are very popular because of their close relation to Nature. The products use ingredients extracted directly from Nature, without exception. Thus the products are not known to cause allergies or side-effects.

  • Afrodita
  • Aphrodite
  • ARGO Neo
  • Bendida
  • Daiana
  • Nefertiti
  • ROS'LINE Argan & Rose Oil
  • Ventoni